List of welding works

Vessel hull

  • replacement of hull plating and ship scantlings, deck plating and platform plating, inner-bottom plating, platings of inner side, bulkheads, coamings of cargo compartments, hard points of the ship hull, elimination of cracks, elimination of dents and cambers, compensation of wear-outs and deformations;
  • preparation for welding operations, backgouging, welding, pad welding, leakage test.

Vessel tanks

  • production and repair of embedded and set-in cisterns (reservoirs), outboard boxes, drainage sumps and other shipboard tanks or reservoirs;
  • leakage test.

Ship constructions

  • production and repair of cargo compartment hatches, foundations, masts, boat bars, guard railings and other constructions.

Repair of ship hull systems and valves

  • repair of damaged pipeline sections, repair and testing, mounting and assembly on board of the vessel and pressure leakage test.

Aluminum constructions

  • Welding aluminum structures.