Restoring items ship machinery (housings, shafts, bearings) powder coating in the environment of the cold plasma

During the intensive exploitation of marine equipment is its considerable wear and as a consequence of failure. Typically, marine equipment exposed not even wear. Main susceptible to wear the most stressed parts of the machinery when the main unit is in working condition. Experts group of companies “Dontehtsentr” offer you significantly reduce the cost of repairing the ship’s equipment by restoring the geometry and number of seats by thermal spraying. Renovating your equipment will refuse to purchase a new one.

We offer a full restoration, including mechanical processing:
– Restoration of sliding bearings based babbitt connections of any size (currently works on bearings on the basis of bronze alloys);

– Restoration of seats with the help of various materials, making it possible not only to recover, but also greatly enhance the wear and tear;

– Restoration of the geometry of the working surfaces in which you can specify the desired mechanical properties;

– The application of corrosion-resistant materials.

Advantage over traditional methods of deposition:
– There is no mixing of the material component to be repaired and the coating material;

– Process temperature during deposition is sufficiently low, whereby there is no thermal deformation of the article;

– Absence of pores and irregularities.